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10 Sep 2013

Nature Iraq - An Epic Journey: The Tigris River Flotilla

  • Tuesday, 10 September 2013

On September 15, 2013, a flotilla of traditional Mesopotamian boats will embark down the Tigris River on an historic voyage of celebration, education, and data collection. Over the course of several weeks and over 1200 kilometers flowing from southeastern Turkey to southern Iraq, the Tigris River Flotilla will celebrate the cultural heritage of Mesopotamia, bring environmental awareness to riverside communities, and study the river's current hydrological condition.


Nature Iraq, working with the Nature Iraq Foundation, Hasankeyf Matters, and members of the Waterkeeper Alliance, will launch the flotilla in the historic and threatened town of Hasankeyf, coinciding with the 4th Hasankeyf Ingathering.

Over the following two months and 1200 kilometers the Flotilla will continue downstream through Iraq, with media events in Fishkhaboor, Baghdad, and Chibaish.


We hope you will follow along with the Flotilla, and support us as we undertake this once-in a lifetime journey.


During the Tigris River Flotilla we will be able to provide you with updates courtesy of Thuraya. 

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