13 Nov 2018

InterAction Report On Iraq Released

InterAction Report On Iraq Released: 

Interaction's Protection Mission in August 2018 examined field and system level protection concerns specific to Iraq from a perspective of the IASC Protection Policy  and is consistent with results-based approaches to protection.  It discusses three main protection concerns of the humanitarian community: 

  1. The widespread stigmatization perpetrated against individuals and families with real or perceived affiliation with extremist groups (and how collective advocacy could assist populations realize their human rights);
  2. The likelihood of a large permanently displaced population (and how actioning out sustainable living options for the displaced would help people start to rebuild their lives); and
  3. Serious social tensions that could lead to renewed violence (and how a coordinated approach to social cohesion programming and related policy could assist).

The list of recommendations to address those concerns was developed in consultation with various actors in the field including NCCI and NCCI's NGO members.

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