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24 Sep 2013

AL-Rafidain Women Organization opens the first center to combat discrimination against women in the workplace

AL-Rafidain Women Organization (RWO), in coordination with the University of Al-Muthanna, the local government in the province, the INGO People in Need of Czech (PIN), and with funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), opened the first center of its kind in Iraq to address discrimination against women in the work place. The center is hosted in the guidance office within the College of Basic Education at the University of Al- Muthanna.

The opening of this center came after a four month campaign led by the RWO and included many workshops and meetings with interested stakeholders from the local government and the presidency of the university and the deans of a group of colleges in addition to representatives from PIN. Additionally, dozens of women were interviewed and involved in the process off and on campus.

The center will assist women by taking complaints, advising on legal options and assisting with the applications. During its first week of operation, the center received 14 complaints and assistance requests from the various departments of the university alone.

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