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20 Dec 2013

Muslim Aid plans distribution of food packages to Syrian Refugees in KRG

  • Friday, 20 December 2013

Muslim Aid-Iraq Field office distributed food packages on 23 December to Syrian refugee families settled in Aqra camp in Dohuk Governorate and Kwelan camp in Erbil Governorate. The distribution took place in coordination with a local NGO, Barzani Charity Foundation.

Muslim Aid distributed 900 food packages in the first round. Out of these, 805 packages were distributed in the two camps mentioned above and another 95 food packages were distributed to non-camp Syrian refugees in Erbil. These packages suffice the food needs of a family of 4-7 people over a period of three weeks.

Muslim Aid is an international relief and development agency working to alleviate the suffering among the world’s poorest and most needy communities regardless of race, creed or nationality. Set up in 1985 by leading British Muslim organisations, Muslim Aid supports projects in over 50 countries spanning Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. By responding quickly to emergencies, Muslim Aid provides relief to the victims of natural disasters, war and famine. Muslim Aid also deploys long-term development projects on education, skills training, provision of clean water and healthcare to tackle the root causes of poverty.

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