28 Jan 2014

UNESCO - Launching the "National Teacher Training Strategy": The main step towards educational innovation in Iraq

After months of studies and continuous consultations, UNESCO officials and main stakeholders from the government of Iraq met in Baghdad to announce the launch of the "National Teacher Training Strategy"; another technical revelation in the process of driving teacher education and training reform and innovation in Iraq. 

UNESCO Office in Iraq in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Baghdad and Erbil organized a major event in the Iraqi capital on 23 January 2014 to officially launch this Strategy that was prepared in the framework of the "Teacher Training Programme for Basic and Secondary Education"; one of several pioneering projects implemented by UNESCO Office in Iraq, with the support of the "Education Above All" Foundation. 

The ceremony was attended by key Iraqi officials representing the main governmental stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, the Prime Minister's advisory Commission, as well as the Iraqi Parliament. 

"Qualified teachers are a main pillar for quality education", stated Director of UNESCO Office in Iraq, Louise Haxthausen. "This comprehensive strategy puts in place all the required settings to produce a highly qualified human capital, regularly trained and updated, and capable of leading the global reform and innovation across the different levels of education in Iraq". 

UNESCO Director also praised the efforts of all who participated in this achievement, considering it as another typical example of successful teamwork and coordination between international organizations and the Iraqi government.    

Through the different stages of the compilation of this strategy, UNESCO and Iraqi experts worked closely together to try to cover all the aspects related to technically modernizing the teaching process in Iraq and improving the teaching profession as whole. Hence, the strategy focuses on four main components that are seen to be true pillars for teacher education and training in Iraq, namely: 1) Teaching as a profession; 2) Teacher formation programmes; 3) In-service training; and 4) The organizational and administrative structures.

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