09 Feb 2014

UNAMI - Despite difficulties, the UN continues with deliveries of aid to those affected by fighting in Anbar

While clashes in Anbar province continue and are leading to further multiple displacements, the United Nations continue, despite the difficulties, with deliveries of aid to the around 45,000 displaced families registered so far. 

“The UN continues to provide aid to those affected by the fighting in Anbar, despite the challenges posed by the deteriorating security environment and ongoing operations in the province”, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG), Mr. Nickolay Mladenov said, while noting that the Government of Iraq, the provincial authorities, as well as tribal leaders have committed to facilitating humanitarian access to the affected population. “The UN continues to hold discussions with senior political figures in an attempt to assist in paving the ground for a political solution to the crisis, calling on all to show national unity and address the root causes of violence in Iraq”, the UN Envoy added. 

During the past few days:

-UNHCR delivered 200 NFI kits to displaced families in Samarra and 100 kits to displaced families in Kirkuk; 

-UNHCR has also dispatched 170 tents to Fallujah and Al Habaniya. Their arrival however has been delayed due to closure of roads; 

-UNHCR who visited Al-Qaim on 2 February plans to dispatch additional lifesaving assistance and medicine next week;  UNHCR is establishing accommodation centers in Salah Al Din and Anbar; 

-UNICEF has shipped 100,000 liters of potable water to serve the needs of 3,000 families in the 7 Kilo and Al Habaniya areas; 

-UNICEF has also initiated a partnership with local humanitarian workers in Ramadi for a contingency case load agreement targeting 10,000 individuals; 

-WFP in cooperation with IOM, distributed 300 food parcels to displaced families in dire need of immediate assistance, following recent reports of 800 displaced families from Fallujah to Al Qa’im and Abu-Ghraib

The total quantity of relief supplies distributed as of 5 February 2014, is as follows:

IOM: 1,415 Non Food Items; WFP: 4,350 food parcels (283 tons); UNICEF: 20,160 soaps, 5,000 buckets, 983 hygiene kits, 300 dust bins, 6,000 disinfectant packs, 50 water kits; WHO: 2 surgical kits, 1 regular medical kit (each surgical kit covers 1,000 beneficiaries, medical kit covers 10,000 beneficiaries); UNHCR: 1,887 Core Relief Items kits, refurbishment of Baharka temporary site, erection of 170 tents in Habaniya.

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