18 Feb 2014

Mines Advisory Group (MAG) - Syrian Refugee Emergency Response - Activities Summary

In January 2014, MAG Iraq secured funding from Stichting Vluchteling and Australian Aid to conduct Explosives Remnant of War (ERW) Risk Education in Syrian refugee camps in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The projects aims to support the protection needs of conflict-effected Syrian refugees as outlined in the Syria Regional Response Plan 6 (RRP6) through reducing threats posed by ERW on the refugees.

The ERW contamination in Kurdistan Region of Iraq continues to pose a significant threat to lives and limbs of individuals living, working and traveling through contaminated areas, especially with the increasing number of Syrian refugees. Newly arriving Syrian groups and families lack familiarity in relation to the dangers of contamination in this region, as they lack local knowledge of minefields or contaminated areas. In order to protect the lives and limbs of Syrian refugees in Kurdistan Region of Iraq or on return to Syria, direct risk education messages and risk awareness video will be delivered by MAG’s newly recruited Syrian teams in the refugee camps. See links to video:



Find more about MAG’s work here - http://www.maginternational.org/

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