12 Jun 2014

Save the Children - Statement on Influx of Violence in Iraq

“As terrified families and children flee violence in Mosul, we are witnessing one of the largest and swiftest mass movements of people in the world in recent memory. This shocking escalation of violence is forcing hundreds of thousands of people to for their lives towards the Kurdistan region.
Massive traffic jams and blocked roads are seriously hindering access and movement of aid, as hundreds of thousands flee from the raging violence and chaos. The most vulnerable families are those left behind and it's extremely difficult to reach them right now as the violence continues. We are also extremely concerned over how the Kurdistan region of Iraq will cope with the influx.
Save the Children is on the ground working with refugees and displaced people in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. As an immediate emergency priority, we will distribute water, food and hygiene kits to people fleeing Mosul in coordination with local authorities and organizations responding to the crisis.
The majority of Iraqis fleeing Mosul had to escape in a matter of minutes as the situation deteriorated. Reaching out to them is an immediate priority and we appeal to the international community to step up its funding to this growing crisis.”
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