16 Jun 2014

Muslim Hands - Iraq Emergency Appeal

The Situation
The crisis in Iraq is escalating quickly. Muslim Hands has launched an emergency appeal to provide help for thousands of people displaced by this week's fighting in the country.
  • Hundreds of thousands are fleeing their homes in northern Iraq in fear of violence.
  • Half a million refugees are seeking safety in areas already overflowing with those escaping the Syrian conflict.
  • Thousands of displaced have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Many have lost their homes, life-savings and livelihoods.
Muslim Hands Response
Muslim Hands has an Emergency Response team inside Iraq now - in Tikrit - distributing vital supplies of food and water to displaced families. 

The team are working tirelessly to mobilise and coordinate direct relief to those seeking safety from the violence.

Please donate so we can reach those most vulnerable.
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