18 Jun 2014

Save the Children - Half a million children at risk in Iraq crisis, Save the Children warns

“An exodus of Iraqis towards the northern Kurdistan Region continues unabated. Half a million children have now fled their homes - bringing the total figure to one million people, including their families.
As the crisis spreads, families are seeking safety in parks, schools and mosques in one of the biggest displacements in recent history, fleeing empty-handed to surrounding districts. We now estimate the lives and well-being of 500,000 children, including those already displaced from Anbar province earlier this year, are increasingly at serious risk.
Families are running out of money, forcing them out on the streets in stifling heat if they have no relatives or friends to support them.
Save the Children is setting up safe spaces for children in camps and in Mosul where they will receive psychosocial support, education and protection services. Many children have missed their end of school year exams.
We are working with local partners in the areas that are now out of reach. People in Mosul need food, water, hygiene kits and fuel. It’s a very risky humanitarian operation, made harder by the rapidly changing situation on the ground. This is not your usual humanitarian crisis.”
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