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04 Jun 2013

KRG NGO Directorate approves funding 97 projects in the KRG

2 June 2013, the KRG NGO directorate announced the approval to fund 97 proposals from various Kurdish NGOs with a total budget of 50,000,000 IQDs for each project. The directorate will later announce the approval of proposals that had been by partnerships between 2 or more NGOs. The latter proposal's budget is up to 100,000,000 IQD. According to Fazl Omar, head of KRG NGO directorate, the KRG government has allocated approximately 3,700,000,000 IQD for 2013 to fund Kurdish NGOs to implement different projects in the areas of Erbil, Dohuk, Suliemaniyah, Kirkuk and Garmian. The selection committee (consists of 8 members from the mentioned areas) approved proposals from all types with no preference on any certain area, and this included: education, health, election awareness, environmental protection, micro finance projects, youth awareness, children’s rights, women's rights, etc…
For more info please refer to the KRG NGO Directorate website www.krgngo.org


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