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Public Notice for bidding Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), an INGO working in humanitarian response invites for submission of sealed bids from interested companies for implementation of the following project funded by UNHCR 2022. Installation of Water Tanks in Registration Center in Domiz1 Refugee Camp Manner of Submission: Companies interested to apply for this bidding should visit to PWJ-Duhok Office to receive the Invitation to bid (ITB) from 8:00 am to…
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12 May 2022

Stationary for students

Thursday, 12 May 2022
Tender notice No:1 Stationary for students You are invited to submit a tender for supplying stationery for basic education school students which includes the following items in a school bag, (1400 stationary packages) which includes the following items: Qty. Origin / Made Items No 1 Good Quality Backpack (School Bag With a project logo sticker or printed) 1 4 Good Quality Students’ notebook (copybook) 100 paper 2 4 Good Quality…
MSF France - Iraq Mission ADVERTISEMENT Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization. MSF France – Iraq Mission intends to award a service Contract for the daily provision and delivery of meals to our patients (based on the specific menu provided by MSF) in Baghdad – Al Mansour. Bidding documents can be obtained by interested parties from: Tel : +964 780 913 1895 E-mail :
11 May 2022
INVITATION TO ESTABLISHING LIST OF PRE-QUALIFIED SUPPLIERS-INTERSOS IRAQ INTERSOS is an international non-profit humanitarian aid organization founded in 1992.INTERSOS works to achieve a world of equality, justice, peace and solidarity, by assistingpeople to live in dignity and safety, alleviating suffering and meeting their needs. Themission of INTERSOS is to support people, families and communities in areas mostaffected by crisis around the world, providing crucial assistance to populations in lifethreatening situations,…
10 May 2022
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05 May 2022
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05 May 2022

Food Rations – Syria

Thursday, 05 May 2022
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04 May 2022

Quotation for Hotel Services

Wednesday, 04 May 2022
Subject: Quotation for Hotel Services Dear Sir/Madam, NCCI is Issuing this Request for Quotations to solicit competitive to establish a contract for provision of hotel services including accommodation, renting hall, lunch and tea break for activities in Erbil city and the hotel is ranked in four or five stars over the course of one year for fixed prices as per specification and detail mentioned below: Items Required/Specification Items Required Quantity…
Publication reference BIOM-IQ-2022-04-001 Contracting authority La Chaîne de l’Espoir is an international NGO founded in 1994 to strengthen health systems. Description of the contract La Chaîne de l’Espoir intends to award a supply contract for medical equipment for the Sinjar French Medical Centre, in the city of Sinjar, Federal Iraq, with financial assistance from European Union-EUTF (MADAD) under the contract TF-MADAD/2020/T04.237, divided in 3 independent lots as follow: Lot 1:…
Dear bidder, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) welcomes you to the tender notification of 297262, External Evaluation of RDPP KRI-Iraq. NRC is an independent, humanitarian, non-profit, non-governmental organization, which provides assistance, protection, and durable solutions to refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide. NRC promotes and protects the rights of people who have been forced to flee their countries or their homes within their countries. It is the only Norwegian organization that…
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