04 May 2021


Code: TdHIT/TENDER/2021/3

Erbil, 04/05/2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our organization would like to invite for a tender for the consumables and cleaning materials listed below.
We invite your company to provide as a quotation together with the other documents required by May 12 th 2021.

1. Tender conditions

The tender is finalized to select a supplier for a framework contract with TdH Italy to cover all the project
needs for the requested items. The contract will have a 12 months duration. The quantity of items purchased
will be defined time by time by TdH Italy according with the purchase order.
The full list of items to be quoted is included in annex 1. Please consider that the costs of the design should
be included in the item’s price.

Therefore the prices provided in the tender should be valid for the whole contract period (12 months)
unless there will be clear and justified change in the market.

2. Tender documents requested:

In order to be consider for this tender you will need to provide the following documents:

- ANNEX 1 filled, stamped and signed;
- Company's registration form, including power of attorney for the legal representative;
- Bank account information;

3. How to apply:

The offer can be submitted:
By email to cc
By hand delivery to:
TdH Italy office in Erbil, Bahar Street Ankawa.
TdH Italy office in Mosul, Al Hay AlWahda الوحدة حي
In this case the offer has to be closed in a sealed envelope with supplier stamp. On the envelope please
write "Printing material tender".
For information call: 07506730826

4. Evaluation of quotation

Our organization will evaluate quotations ensuring fair competition, transparency and non- discrimination.
We will evaluate quotations on a qualitative basis. This includes our review of the company's peer
quotations appraisals and related materials, and the company's completeness and timeliness in its response
to us. Shortlisted companies will be required to provide a sample for additional verification of the quality of
the materials and compliance with the request.

The tender evaluation is done by an internal committee and it is based on TdH Italy internal procedure and
procurement policy. Addition information about the process can be directly requested to TdH Italy.

Companies who don’t comply with the Iraqi and Kurdish Law, Humanitarian Standard or TdH Italy
requirements and companies blacklisted by the UN and/or local authorities will not be considered.

Kind Regards,


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