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19 May 2021

Procurement of Communications Service and IT Hardware for World Vision International in Iraq on Long Term Agreement basis



Procurement of Communications Service and IT Hardware for World Vision International in Iraq on Long Term Agreement basis


World Vision International in Iraq (WV Iraq) Office is inviting potential supplier to submit the Request for Proposal for Supply of Communications Service and IT Hardware. 


WV Iraq is seeking suppliers that can offer the most cost efficient solution with a high quality of performance and sustainability. 


The successful bidders shall be contracted for this purpose for an initial contract for 3 years, and with possibility of renewable thereafter for another two (2) years, subject to the satisfactory evaluation of performance and need.


The WV Iraq reserves the right to split an award/awards and to consider localized award/awards between any proposers in any combination, as it may deem appropriate, without prior written acceptance of the proposers.


World Vision is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian humanitarian aid and development organization that is dedicated to helping children and their communities reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty.  

We serve poor children, families, and communities.  Through means such as emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and promotion of justice, approximately 40,000 World Vision staff members assist impoverished communities help themselves.  Our work touches approximately 100 million people in nearly 100 countries, assisting people regardless of religion, ethnic background, or gender.  

Some of the areas WV works: 

Community Development - Each community’s needs are different.  We provide the resources that enable people to discover and use their own ideas and skills to move from poverty to self-sufficiency. Communities develop such things as access to clean water, reliable food production, basic health services, educational opportunities, microfinance programs to generate income, and AIDS prevention and care.

Emergency Response - We respond to natural disasters and long-term humanitarian emergencies.  We track potential crises, pre-position emergency supplies for effective rapid response, and remain after the crisis to help people rebuild their communities.

Protecting Children - We believe in every child’s individual worth.  We advocate for their well-being: for a world where orphans are cared for; where children are no longer forced to be soldiers, prostitutes, or laborers; and where they are safe and free from oppression. 

To implement these projects effectively, we depend on supplier networks to obtain reasonable pricing, quality products and delivery in the shortest lead-time possible.

For further information, we encourage you to visit our website at,  


Suppliers will submit any inquiries, responses of intent to bid, clarification requests and submissions related to this Tender to the following WV Iraq contact:



Suppliers may not enter into communications with World Vision staff about this Tender on any other email. Contacting WV Iraq staff may result in disqualification from the Tender process.


All responses and supporting documentation shall become the property of World Vision and will not be returned.  World Vision ultimately reserves the right throughout this process to select any servicing option that best meets its business requirements and to hold discussions with any and all respondents.  


You must agree to the following conditions if you choose to respond to World Vision regarding this Tender:


  • Neither issuance of this Tender nor receipt of proposal represents a commitment on the part of WV  or any office within the World Vision Partnership  
  • World Vision will not be responsible for, or in any way liable for, any costs incurred by suppliers in the preparation of any responses or presentations relating to this Tender.   


Neither party shall use the name of the other in publicity releases, referrals, advertising, or similar activity without the prior written consent of the other.


Please see the below link for the tender related documents 


Subject of the email must be exactly in the following format: 

Communications Service and IT Hardware


Your offer comprising of Technical and Financial proposal, should be submitted to following email 

,  by 31st May 2021 at 11:00 AM Iraq time.


WV Iraq shall not consider any Proposal that arrives after the deadline for submission of Proposals. Any Proposal received by WV Iraq after the deadline for submission of Proposals shall be declared late, rejected, and returned unopened to the Proposer.


Please note only Bidders that have passed the pre-qualification process of Technical and Administrative proposals will be considered for financial proposal evaluation.


Pre-qualification documents:


  1. A certified copy of a certificate of business registration, certificate of incorporation, business license or similar document
  2. A certified copy of tax registration, tax clearance certificates or similar documents
  3. Information on ownership structure (Name of directors of the company / Owner)
  4. Last two years of audited financial statements or tax filing, or similar documents
  5. Proof that company is cleared of legal disputes that ended in Court in the past three years.
  6. Sign WV supplier code of conduct (as per attached template)
  7. Vendor Registration Form and supplier questionnaire (as per attached template).
  8. Provide the list of clients whom the Bidder Supplies Communications Service and IT Hardware and contact list of minimum 3 clients for reference check. 


Failure to submit all above mentioned documents might lead to disqualification of the Bidder. 


Supply Chain Team

World Vision International- Iraq. 


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