08 Apr 2021

Call for proposals - French development Agency - Fund for Innovation in Development

Website of the fund : Accueil | FID (fundinnovation.dev)

PDF for the call for proposals : FID-CALL-FOR-PROPOSAL-EN.pdf (fundinnovation.dev)


This Fund is open to initiatives in low and middle-income countries and to the benefit of the most vulnerable persons and households. Without any restriction on the definition of innovations (it can be technical, social, environmental, governance, process, etc.), FID focuses its action by prioritizing the education sectors - primarily for girls - health, environment and gender equality.


The Fund is open to applications from all types of entities, carrying an initiative on their own or in partnership with other organizations, including, without limitation: public sector / government entities, private companies to profit, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, higher education institutions.

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